I am an Architect and a student in an advanced European BIM master. I am interested in automation, digitization and mixing it with architecture and construction. Within my past experiences working on 65 high-end residential projects, I acquired expertise in concept developing, design authoring, coordinating, reviewing and, construction planning.
    I have led a team and aspired them to digitization and automation by generating new design processes that reduce wastes and save time and resources.

    My Resume

    Mutaa Al-Hashimi Architects

    Registered Iraqi Architectural and Engineering Consultancy.
    Senior Architect
    01.2021 - 10.2021

    • Set BIM Standards for the company in design and construction and introduced ISO-19650 to the company’s first BIM template and guide.

    • Improved the firm’s project design processes by developing a script that automates scheduling. This script cut 1 working day per project.

    • Prepared a new collaboration channel (BIM 360) with site engineers that cut down about 75% of phone calls (the company’s old method of communication).

    • Led a team of 3 architects to deliver 20 high-quality architectural projects.

    • Built the capacity of 3 new talents to use and improve the scripts also generate new ones.

    10.2019 - 01.2021

    • Created scripts that automated and streamlined several daily tasks that saved up to 50% of time and effort compared to the manual execution.

    • Managed schedules and deliverables for 65 projects and followed up with architects and engineers to finish within deadlines.

    • Participated in 45 projects of various types and assured the firm’s well-known luxury and quality reputation for all the projects.

    Al-Riyad Group Company

    Iraq’s #1 company in power, lighting, and electrical control systems
    07.2017 - 10.2019

    • Guided the vision to update and fit 4 showrooms with an elegant and cost-efficient interior design. That design was modular, reusable and, easy for logistics.

    • Developed a design process for the company’s showrooms. This process is implemented in 9 showrooms.

    • Designed 5 custom made chandeliers for public spaces and halls.

    CBI - Central Bank of Iraq

    Iraq’s New Central Bank Building by Zaha Hadid Architects
    07.2015 - 09.2015

    • Acquiring design and drawing knowledge through the documents for the project.

    • Acquiring knowledge about tenders and other legal paper works.

    Nudhum Al-Benaa

    A specialized Design and Urban planning Consultancy
    06.2014 - 11.2014

    • I worked on the BIM model of a multi-floor parking using Autodesk Revit.

    • Helped with the BIM modelling other projects for the studio using Autodesk Revit.


    European Master’s in Building Information Modelling
    Master Of Science Student, M.Sc. BIM A+
    10.2021 - Present

    BIMAPLUS is a joint European master’s (Erasmus Mundus Program) between:

    • University of Minho (Portugal).
    • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).
    • Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

    The collaboration of 3 universities allowed to offer me an advanced education on BIM integration in Building projects and focus on the collaborative practices that are vital in AEC industry.

    University of Technology

    Architectural Engineering., University of Technology
    B.Sc. Architectural Engineering
    10.2012 - 07.2017

    I am graduate of class of 2017 ranked 16th of 65 student with Avg. 72.69

    Ministry of Infrastructure Development, UAE

    An online voluntary program aimed to build the most suitable house for Emiratis.
    04.2020 - 06.2020

    • Identify the real needs of the 4 families and their financial ability and plan their houses accordingly.

    • Win 4 clients in UAE and establish direct connection with them.

    Baghdad Toastmasters Club

    International organization founded in 1924 that develops members’ skills in public speaking and leadership.
    02.2018 - 10.2021

    • Accomplished 11 projects and 4 Levels.

    • Picked up confidence and the ability to speak Infront of +100 audience.

    • Improved my listening skills, focusing, evaluating of events, delivering constructive feedback, by evaluating +20 other members.

    Startup Weekend Baghdad

    A program where aspiring entrepreneurs can experience startup life.
    09.2017 - 10.2017

    • Led a team of 7, each had his own set competencies.

    • Achieved a complete business model and a working prototype in 3 days only.

    • Planned a 100% digital business that sell furniture using Augmented Reality Technology (AR).

    • Learned the basics of lunching business, risks management and expanded my network of connection

    Ministry of Construction and Housing, Iraq

    A month-long workshop as initiative to integrate BIM usage within the ministry
    08.2014 - 09.2014

    • Introduce BIM (Building Information Modelling) to 1% of engineers of the ministry through set of workshops.

    • Guide the participants who had zero knowledge about BIM use.

    • Spotlight me as a pioneer in bringing BIM to the architectural scene in both the public and private sector of Iraq in 2014.

    NUS: DSBE001x Data Science for Construction, Architecture and Engineering

    A course introduces data science skills targeting applications in the design, construction, and operations of buildings.

    • Through this course I learned practical coding within this context with an emphasis on basic Python programming and the Pandas library.

    GHD1x: Global Housing Design, Delft University of Technology.

    A course about the key design strategies required to develop adequate housing for sustainable urban development.

    • Develop a critical stance towards the housing challenges.

    • Analyse low-income residential community built for 25,000 people, and consisting of over 4,000 units.

    • Formulate a design hypothesis and/or a managerial strategy to develop an inclusive housing clusterdwelling community based on incrementality, typology mix and clustering located in a city of a low- or middle- income country.

    PMP, Project Management Professional Training Course
    Dar Al-Takamul

    • This Course was set according to PMBOK 6th Edition

    • Learnt the basics of QC (Quality Control Management)

    • learnt the basics of Project Life cycle

    Dry Walls & suspended Ceilings Precast Systems


    • Learn the basics of Drywalls structure and assembly configurations.

    • Learn the basics of suspended celings and assembly configurations.

    • Assemble a small room under professional supervision by myself.

    Autodesk Revit Proficient User, University of Technology, Iraq

    University of Technology

    • Learn the basics of Revit.

    My Skills

    Soft Skills

    • Processes Writing and Implementing
    • Assess the Right Level of Details
    • Research and Analytical Thinking
    • Solving Complex Problems
    • Focus on Practical Goals
    • Networking and Collaboration

    Architecture-Specific Skills

    • Generative Design and Conceptualization
    • Analyze Program Requirements
    • 3D Design and Modelling
    • 3D Visualization and Postproduction
    • Animations and VR Visualization
    • Design Reviewing
    • Construction Planning

    BIM Specific Skills

    • BIM information Management
    • BIM Execution Plan Writing (BEP)
    • BIM Models Authoring & Coordination
    • Quantity Take Off (QTO)
    • Author Scheduling (4D BIM) Author Cost Estimate (5D BIM)
    • Systems Interoperability (CDE)