Hi, I’m Aws Abdulfattah!
I am an Engineer.

About Me

    I am an Architect and a student in an advanced European BIM master. I am interested in automation, digitization and mixing it with architecture and construction. Within my past experiences working on 65 high-end residential projects, I acquired expertise in concept developing, design authoring, coordinating, reviewing and, construction planning.
    I have led a team and aspired them to digitization and automation by generating new design processes that reduce wastes and save time and resources.

    My Skills

    Soft Skills

    • Processes Writing and Implementing
    • Assess the Right Level of Details
    • Research and Analytical Thinking
    • Solving Complex Problems
    • Focus on Practical Goals
    • Networking and Collaboration

    Architecture-Specific Skills

    • Generative Design and Conceptualization
    • Analyze Program Requirements
    • 3D Design and Modelling
    • 3D Visualization and Postproduction
    • Animations and VR Visualization
    • Design Reviewing
    • Construction Planning

    BIM Specific Skills

    • BIM information Management
    • BIM Execution Plan Writing (BEP)
    • BIM Models Authoring & Coordination
    • Quantity Take Off (QTO)
    • Author Scheduling (4D BIM) Author Cost Estimate (5D BIM)
    • Systems Interoperability (CDE)

    Software Skills

    • BIM Applications
    • Visual Scripting Applications
    • CAD Applications
    • Visualization Applications
    • Construction Management Applications
    • Microsoft Office
    • Graphic Applications
    • Video Editing Applications